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Unraveling Your Questions
About Plastic Surgery Recovery

Expert Advice

The Purpose of This Website

Plastic surgery is becoming very common throughout the United States and the world.  As a result, there is a lot of advice now available online regarding preparing for plastic surgery as well as what to do when you are recovering from a procedure.  You have likely landed here because you or a loved one are recovering from a procedure (or will be).

Sadly, much of the information that is available online is put out by lay people (people with no medical training), and it is incorrect more often than not.

Unlike most websites online that promote a “one size fits all” approach to plastic surgery that encourages practices that can be downright dangerous, this website seeks to:

  • Help dispel myths about the recovery process
  • Impart science-based advice on topics such as:
    • Best practices for a speedy recovery
    • What is normal or abnormal 
    • When to seek help from your doctor
  • Provide easy links for people to find products helpful for recovery
Myths vs facts about plastic surgery recovery copy

How Is This Website Different?

This is a great question!  So glad you asked.  Really.   🙂

People should always be asking this question when they find something online.  There is a lot of good information to be found on the internet, but if you are not an expert in that field, how can you know if what you are reading is true?

All of the information provided here is based in scientific fact.  There is none of the “I saw some lady doing it on Instagram, so it is probably what I should do, also” kind of information.

The information here has been condensed and simplified to make it easy to understand, but there are plenty of links to the scientific research if you are interested in reading it for yourself.

Get Reliable Science-Based
Plastic Surgery Recovery Advice

No Hype. No Lies.

Just Good, Solid Advice

“Recovery is a process.
It takes time.
It takes patience.
It takes everything you’ve got.”

You’ve got this.
Hang in there.